Step 1

Enter all of your current inventory into the Inventory Tracker

Note: Canadian and Australian subscribers will need to select items with names beginning with (Canada) and (Australia)

Step 2

Enter contact information about your customers in the Customer List

Note: This step is optional but allows you to enter information more quickly in the Order Tracker

Step 3

As you receive orders from customers, enter your order information in the Order Tracker

Note: After you submit an order, you will need to select the “Pull From Inventory” button for that order to open a window that will allow you to reduce inventory quantities

Step 4

As you receive payments and ship orders, click on the “Edit” button for that order in the Order Tracker to open a window that will allow you to update the payment status and provide shipping information

Note: If you ship the item using the United States Postal Service (USPS) and provide tracking information, a “Track Shipment” link will appear for that order on the table

Step 5

As you place orders with SeneGence for additional products to be sold, create new entries in the Business Expense Tracker under the category “Products for Sale”

Note: The Business Expense Tracker can also be used to track any other expenses associated with operating your distributor business

Step 6

As you receive commission checks from SeneGence, enter the date and amount received in the Profit and Loss Summary

Note: Select a month and year and hit “Submit” in the Profit and Loss Summary to view your monthly and yearly revenue, expenses, profit, and profit margin (revenue is pulled from the payments marked received in the Order Tracker and the commissions input into the Profit and Loss Summary, expenses are pulled from the Business Expense Tracker)

Step 7

When you accumulate mileage associated with operating your distributor business, create new entries in the Business Mileage Log

Note: You can print this page at the end of the year to provide documentation for tax purposes

Step 8

Add your downline distributors in the Downline Commission and GSV Bonus Calculator and update their PVs throughout the month to estimate the amount of your commission check

Note: Make sure you select your monthly PV to accurately calculate your commission and GSV bonus amount

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