General Information

Who are you and why did you develop

My wife is an independent SeneGence distributor and she found it very difficult to find an easy to use tool to manage her business. After spending a lot of time reviewing the distributor manual, I created a spreadsheet-based tool for her to use. We agreed that it would be great if this tool was available online and we created with the help of a developer. We wanted the tool to be affordable for any SeneGence distributor so we decided to charge a subscription fee of $2.99 a month to cover our development, hosting, and site maintenance costs.

We are not are large company – we aren’t even really a company (see above). We are doing our best to be responsive to all of the feedback we receive. If you send a message using the “contact us” form on the site you will receive a response directly from me (Jason). We are working hard to improve the site to meet the needs of our subscribers but are somewhat limited financially from doing everything that we would like to do. Please keep this in mind!

On a personal note, my wife is a breast cancer survivor and a mother of 2 young boys. In 2015, after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, she had a double mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy treatments for over a year. She is now cancer free and we plan to donate a percentage of any proceeds from to the Pink Ribbon Girls and the Karen Wellington Foundation. Both of these organizations provide a tremendous amount of support to women diagnosed with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors!

About our website is a business management tool designed for SeneGence distributors. This tool was designed by a distributor to meet the specific needs of SeneGence distributors. users can establish an account for a monthly subscriber fee of $2.99. currently allows subscribers to track their inventory, manage orders, track expenses, determine profit margin, log business mileage and calculate their estimated Monthly Downline Commission and Group Sales Volume (GSV) bonus. All the tools provided by can be accessed using a personal computer or mobile device.

Our goal is for to be an affordable and easy to use management tool that allows SeneGence distributors to more efficiently operate their business. was designed and developed independently for this purpose and is not affiliated with SeneGence International, Inc. We take compliance very seriously. We state at the bottom of every page that we are an independent distributor tool and are not directly affiliated with SeneGence. Our site is really a spreadsheet (which are available for purchase from numerous SeneGence distributors) that has been converted into an easy to use website. Our site does not and will not include any tools for invoicing customers or selling products online. 

Site Features

Monthly Downline Commission and Group Sales Value (GSV) Calculator

This calculator is designed to make it easy for SeneGence distributors to estimate their Monthly Downline Commission and GSV Bonus. users first select their monthly Product Value (PV) (provided in the SeneGence Distributor Business Dashboard) and then enter the names, downline number, and PV for all of their downline distributors. The calculator updates the total number of distributors, monthly PV sold, downline commission and GSV bonus at the top of the screen each time a downline distributor is input or updated by the user. If the user makes a mistake they can edit or delete entries in the table built by the calculator. The edit function can also be used by the user throughout the month to update information stored in the table. All information input by the user into the Downline Commission and GSV Calculator is securely saved in the database and can accessed from any device (PC or mobile) by the user. 

The estimate provided by the Downline Commission and GSV Calculator will be lower from your actual amount received in the event of GSV compression (please see our FAQs page for more information)

Note: Would you like to find out what your Downline Commission and GSV Bonus will be with 10,000 downline distributors? Sure! Our calculator is able to handle an unlimited number of entries so feel free to give it a try!

Order Tracker

This order tracker is a simple tool for SeneGence distributors to track orders received from customers and shipped to customers. users are able to input their customer’s name, order date, shipping address, items ordered, amount charged to customer, date shipped, and USPS tracking number. After creating an order entry, the user can view the number of orders pending shipment, value of orders pending shipment, number of orders shipped, value of orders shipped, and total value of all orders. The order tracker allows SeneGence distributors to track the amount of sales revenue collected from customers over a period of time. After creating an order entry with a USPS tracking number the user can select the tracking number in the table and receive live tracking information from the USPS. The order tracker stores as many entries as the user inputs into the tool, so the user can easily review when the last time a customer placed an order, what items were included in the order, and distributor comments (i.e. customer requested a color that was out of stock). All information input by the user into the order tracker is securely saved in the database and can accessed from any device (PC or mobile) by the user. 

Note: The only fields required for the order tracker to create an entry is the customer’s name, order date, and amount charged. All other fields are optional and can be completed by the user at a later time (i.e. when the items are shipped). The order tracker will remove items from the inventory tracker if the user selects the “Pull From Inventory” button on the order entry in the table. The user will then be prompted to select the items and colors to remove from inventory. 

Inventory Tracker

This inventory tracker is designed to provide SeneGence distributors with information about items they currently have in inventory and the value of their inventory. users are able to select an item from a dropdown list (i.e. LipSense Liquid Lip Color, LipSense Gloss, Ooops! Remover), specify the item’s color (if applicable), and provide the number of items available for sale. After creating an inventory entry, the user can modify the quantity of each item as sales are made or when additional items are purchased to be used for inventory. At the top of the page the inventory tracker shows the user the number of all items in inventory the value of those items. This tool allows users to continue to track inventory levels and the value of their inventory over time and operate their business more efficiently. All information input by the user into the inventory tracker is securely saved in the database and can accessed from any device (PC or mobile) by the user.

Note: For each item in inventory, users can input a distributor comment (i.e. Reorder when item is available in stock!). 

Business Expense Tracker 

This feature allows users to input itemized entries for many different categories of business expenses. After business expenses are entered, users can select a month and year to view their total expenses for the specified time period.

Business Mileage Log

This feature allows users to input mileage driven for business purposes. Users can input the total mileage driven or their odometer readings for the trip. After mileage is entered, users can select a year to view their total mileage driven and an estimated mileage tax deduction.

Customer List

This feature allows users to create a listing with their customer information. It shows contact and shipping information for customers and allows the user to specify the last date they contacted the customer.

Profit and Loss Summary

This feature allows users to view their revenue, expenses, profit, and profit margin for a selected time period. It includes a table for users to populate the amounts of their Downline Commission and GSV Bonus checks received to be considered in the revenue calculation. The Profit and Loss Summary also pulls information from the order tracker and business expense tracker to provide users with revenue, expenses, and profit information.